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5 Steps to Choosing the Right Web Development Partner

Finding the right web development company for your project can be a daunting task, with development companies becoming smaller and more widespread, even a simple local search may return hundreds of possible providers, so how do you go about choosing the right company, with a degree of confidence they have the rights skills and experience to deliver your project on time and on budget.

Step 1: Planning and Searching

The simple, yet often missed stage in choosing the right web development provider is planning; create a simple keyword list of all the relevant keywords for your project, the intended audience, business benefits and the budget.

Don’t limit your searching to search engines, search results are not a good indicator of quality, utilise social networking such as linkedin, specialist software directories and the chamber of commerce can also provide good results.

Step 2: Evaluation and referrals

Evaluate potential companies on the strength of their portfolios, it is a great way to tell the breadth and skills of a web development company – their consistency and their weaknesses. The portfolio also helps to weed out the outsourcing companies and the one man bands. Check if the portfolio projects have a distinct and consistent quality. Has the company provided software to companies in your industry? Also investigate the case studies and success stories – find and confirm referrals, at this point it’s also worth a call to previous clients to gauge there opinion.

Step 3: Create a shortlist

Your shortlist will inevitable come down to a two horse race, but its only human nature to have a personal front runner, but try to be impartial, emotive decisions account for more than 50% of the decision process, the development of a simple matrix detailing what is important to you in the decision process helps let your head rule your heart.

Step 4: The brief

Once you have sent out your brief the response can tell you a lot about the professionalism and competence of a company.

It they respond in a timely fashion it does wonders for your confidence, it is a good indicator of the level and consistency of communication you will receive over the course of the project. More importantly do they ask lots and lots of questions? Do they have an alternative solution you haven’t thought about? Most credible companies will also insist on a face to face requirements meeting, it’s worth arranging that meeting at their offices so you can determine the setup of their business.

Step 5: The Proposal – what should you expect

Each proposal should identify the understanding of the project and the intended solution in a clear and concise way, omitting the technical jargon. It should at the basic level detail the requirements, the timescales, how the project is handled and the costs. Look for more attention to detail like the inclusion of third party software or who ultimately owns the IP.

Comparing and selecting a web development company is not an exact science, but these steps should assist in selecting a web development company that understands your business and has the experience and the skill sets to deliver your project

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