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Change Your Web Development Company Before It’s Too Late!

The world is changing and so is mankind… Small houses have turned into lavish mansions, streets into highways, superstores into deluxe malls, tub-carts into luxurious limousines and our planet into a global village!

Every day, I meet someone who is invigorated to be a part of this global village. Online presence is “in-vogue”, now-a-days; you are considered “cool” if you have a website of your own. However, getting a website developed, whether it’s your personal website or a corporate website is not an effortless task. You can either contact a freelance web developer or you can hire a Web Development Company for that matter. Either way, you need to make sure that who ever is developing your website must know these basic conventions which can make your website a hit and boost up your ROI.

1. Enhanced orchestration The website should be able to facilitate the users. For instance, you wanted a Content Management System but your website does not allow you to make fly changes then you’re in serious trouble. Your website is adding to your burden instead of sharing it.

2. Use of cutting-edge technology To implement cost-effective and hi-tech web-based solutions, you require the best breed of web developers. The cutting-edge tools and techniques increase the efficiency and productivity of your website.

Let’s take a hypothetical situation… I’m searching for a product on an e-commerce website. I type different keywords and hundreds of search results appear in front me. Now, I click on every product and check out the details; go back and forth a hundred times and then; finally, I find the product I was looking for. If that e-commerce website had implemented Web 2.0 standards, like, AJAX on that web page, I wouldn’t have had to go back and forth a hundred times and, hence, saved all that effort and time.

3. Effective URL-rewriting If you want a swarm of visitors coming to your website, you need to make your website search-engine-friendly. For that purpose, URL-writing is an effective tool to achieve high rankings because most of the search engines give more weightage to static links. Moreover, the most important advantage of URL rewriting is that with the help of friendly URLs, you have a better chance of getting your dynamic pages indexed.

4. Providing regular updates Your Web Development Company should also provide regular updates on the required features and modules. With necessary updates and maintenance of your website, you will always have a hale and hearty online presence.

Now, you have ample information about what all you may need to make your website a success. Make a checklist right now and grade your service provider! If your Web Development Company is not doing all that for you, it’s still not too late! Change your Web Development Company ASAP!

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