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How to Outsource Web Development Work

“I need a new website, but how will I get it built?” you ask yourself. Unless you are a large company with a team of web designers, you should consider finding out how to outsource your web development to a professional.

There are tens of thousands of outsource developers on the Internet, so how do you ensure you select the right individual or company to work on your project? This is a universal problem that can easily be solved with a little planning.

How to Outsource Web Development Work

Before you consider using outsource services you need to do some planning. The first stage in the process is called a Project Planning Exercise. This is where you identify the goals, objectives and time lines for the project and it is a vital component if you want your project to be successful. Here are some of the questions that you should ask yourself:

  • What sort of website do you want?
  • Are you selling something or providing information?
  • How many pages do you need?
  • Are the pages static or interactive?
  • What is the time frame for delivery?

Your project instructions must be clear and precise and leave no doubt in the mind of the outsource developer as to what you require.

Once you have identified exactly what you want, you can begin contacting outsource providers to see if they have the skills you require. When learning how to outsource web development it is important to remember that a lot of developers specialize in a specific type of website such as E-Commerce, Flash or Database sites; this is why you need to know what you want.

Ensure that your outsource developer has proven experience and preferably a portfolio detailing past projects. A portfolio is an excellent way to check credentials and ensure that the developer has skills that match your requirements.

Project Management

Once you have selected an outsource service you need to make sure that the project runs smoothly. This important stage is known as project management and it is very important to gain an understanding about when learning how to outsource. It involves managing the outsourcing resources required to ensure that the project goals and objectives are met.

You have already identified the project aims, but now you need to ensure that your chosen outsource developer understands exactly what the project involves. Good, clear communication is absolutely essential here. The ability to express yourself in straight forward, easy to understand language can make the difference between success and failure of a project.

What is equally important in this stage of learning how to outsource is the frequency and mode of communication. If you are outsourcing web development you need to be able to see how much progress has been made along the way. A regular conference call will enable you to follow the development and provide regular feedback. It is always possible during this call that you will see things that are not as you required. You must be prepared to give constructive feedback in such an instance. Explain exactly what the problem is and work out a solution with your outsource service. This is something you will perfect along the way as you learn how to outsource your web development projects.

An important fact to keep in my mind when outsourcing web development is that the finished product will only be as good as the instructions you provide. By adopting the project planning and project management approach, you should end up with the website you envisioned at the start.

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