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The History and Future of Web Development – Where Will it Take You?

August 24th, 2018

For many alive today, it’s difficult to imagine a time when the internet was not a constant presence in the lives of most Americans. Not only in America, but in the developed and developing world, the internet is a growing force that has become massive in size and influence. It is perhaps the most important innovation of our time, but in fact, it hasn’t been around for as long as you might think. The internet was developed shortly after the first personal computers started to become popular, in the early 1990s, and has grown exponentially every year since then. Because websites are the way this enormous pool of data is organized and managed, it is important to look at them, examine their history, and determine where their future will lead. This article will go over the basic history of web development and how it has changed over time.

In the beginning, around 1995, there were fewer than 1,000 web development companies in the US; now there are over 30,000! Clearly, as the internet and the number of websites have expanded, so has the market for web development. It is now considered one of the fastest growing markets and therefore a popular career choice for many people interested in finding a flexible job that can be performed in many different locations. Perhaps the biggest change overall has been in the kind of people involved in web development; the industry has gone from being exclusive to people who needed to know how to code html and more complicated scripts, to being something the average Joe can accomplish, given the proper software tools. The industry has opened up not just to experts, but to ordinary individuals that have no idea how to write html and are barely computer literate.

So what does this mean for the web development industry? Clearly, to create a functional website, you don’t need to hire a web developer or a web development firm. However, as the internet has changed, so has the complexity of websites. While you can use free templates or relatively inexpensive software to create a working, professional website with many different features, to get a special touch and deal with the complicated dynamic elements common to all popular sites these days, you need a more involved understanding of how web development works. Thus, web developers still stay in business – there remains a certain level of expertise necessary for truly professional design that cannot be accomplished by someone not well versed in the ins and outs of development programs.

One of the main changes in web development has been the shift between static and dynamic pages. Originally, a website was not very interactive and did not change based on user input or webmaster customization. It was most straightforward data and graphics which do not shift unless the html was changed. However, nearly every site today is made up of dozens of dynamic components, including video, message boards, trackers, guestbooks, etc. The content of the page can not only be changed by the user but can even by customized to fit a user’s tastes. This new frontier of web development creates a space for participation that never existed before, and makes web development more interesting than ever before.

Web Development Services – Offerings, Services and Usage

August 23rd, 2018

Overview and Offerings:-

Web development generally refers to create websites in this World Wide Web era. Developments can be of different types such as simple content management websites, e-commerce applications, and client side script and server side script development. Although development has a broad meaning than it sounds. It can range from creating a simple static content websites to huge complex applications.

Since mid nineties web development industries has shown a drastic growth rate. It’ has been a catalyst in the GDP in every developing nations. Lots of companies emerged and hence rat race among them begun which seems unstoppable. More than 5 billion page has been hosted throughout the servers around the world.

The craze seemed unstoppable and hence growth of electronic marketing, social media marketing and web development content management software such as WYSIWYG editors are rapid phase. Lots of programming and scripting language evolved to support the smooth execution and reduction of complexity to architect the development framework.

Local personal computer revolutionized the market and started offering application to cater all user needs but their mission and vision lacked the flexibility. Hence loop was filled after World Wide Web invented. We entered into a new era with great aspirations and crazy vision. Individual visions transcended and hence their software applications followed them. Organization those showed capable to handle complex user needs grown and who lacked left behind in the darkness and lost and the other category who struggled became endangered and hence competition transcended further.


Generally Web Development Company offers following types of Web Development Services:

1. E-Commerce Applications
2. E-Business
3. Hotel reservation systems
4. Flight reservation systems
5. Job application portals and lots more.

ActiveX object helps to lift the standalone software application to run on the web in order to gain the confidence of targeted users. It has been seen that in order to gain the satisfaction of users or customers applications must provide the correct information with a speed and at the right time. Different search engines are being developed to fulfill the information needs of the surfer through browser on World Wide Web.

Web development companies are showing their flexibility to cater services from plain text websites to two and three tier applications. To achieve flexibility i.e. Making applications to adopt the changing need of the global environments, to assure quality and protect the confidential information such as security features are among the top services provided by the present development companies worldwide.


Web application software has gained a breakthrough among the revolutionary standalone applications. Users are purchasing their desired products on a single click of a mouse button as well as picking and dropping service providers are equally striving to make their services better. Almost every bank is serving their customers online, debit card, credit card and automated teller machine has revolutionized the world within a decade.

It has been easier to find its usage nowadays folks are engaged every hour playing online games with their counterparts online. Researchers are putting their maximum time to obtain the information online. Sellers and buyers are being actively involved in their transactions 24 hours a day and IT and ITES sectors considers it as a precious invention because without it they would have not been exist either!

Change Your Web Development Company Before It’s Too Late!

August 22nd, 2018

The world is changing and so is mankind… Small houses have turned into lavish mansions, streets into highways, superstores into deluxe malls, tub-carts into luxurious limousines and our planet into a global village!

Every day, I meet someone who is invigorated to be a part of this global village. Online presence is “in-vogue”, now-a-days; you are considered “cool” if you have a website of your own. However, getting a website developed, whether it’s your personal website or a corporate website is not an effortless task. You can either contact a freelance web developer or you can hire a Web Development Company for that matter. Either way, you need to make sure that who ever is developing your website must know these basic conventions which can make your website a hit and boost up your ROI.

1. Enhanced orchestration The website should be able to facilitate the users. For instance, you wanted a Content Management System but your website does not allow you to make fly changes then you’re in serious trouble. Your website is adding to your burden instead of sharing it.

2. Use of cutting-edge technology To implement cost-effective and hi-tech web-based solutions, you require the best breed of web developers. The cutting-edge tools and techniques increase the efficiency and productivity of your website.

Let’s take a hypothetical situation… I’m searching for a product on an e-commerce website. I type different keywords and hundreds of search results appear in front me. Now, I click on every product and check out the details; go back and forth a hundred times and then; finally, I find the product I was looking for. If that e-commerce website had implemented Web 2.0 standards, like, AJAX on that web page, I wouldn’t have had to go back and forth a hundred times and, hence, saved all that effort and time.

3. Effective URL-rewriting If you want a swarm of visitors coming to your website, you need to make your website search-engine-friendly. For that purpose, URL-writing is an effective tool to achieve high rankings because most of the search engines give more weightage to static links. Moreover, the most important advantage of URL rewriting is that with the help of friendly URLs, you have a better chance of getting your dynamic pages indexed.

4. Providing regular updates Your Web Development Company should also provide regular updates on the required features and modules. With necessary updates and maintenance of your website, you will always have a hale and hearty online presence.

Now, you have ample information about what all you may need to make your website a success. Make a checklist right now and grade your service provider! If your Web Development Company is not doing all that for you, it’s still not too late! Change your Web Development Company ASAP!