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How to Write Effective Web Development Articles

August 18th, 2018

Website development is a bit of a technical field. Writing a good piece of content about it would be easier for a web developer or designer than for a general topic writer. But still, whichever of the two you might be, you can definitely write an interesting set of web development articles that you can either post on your website or on other media or sites.

So how can you get started writing this type of articles? Here are a few tips you can keep in mind in case you have such an assignment on hand.

1. Focus on just one topic.

Web development is a broad field and with it comes equally broad range of topics that you can write about. First thing you have to do is to think about which topic you should write and how best to approach it.

2. Get easy on the technical words.

Of course you can use as many technical terms as you want on your web development articles, that is if you know your readers will all be fellow web developers. Because otherwise a lot of people will easily get lost on all of your jargon because they don’t know a bit of what you are saying. Your intended message will be lost and your articles will all be a complete waste because nobody can understand them.

3. Use descriptive words.

In every form of writing, descriptive words are the ones that truly brings life to any article. Because without them your writing will not be fully understood because your readers cannot visualize what you are telling them. For example, if you are going to cite some web design examples, perhaps you can use concrete words like what color you are describing or the pixel size of the image or graphic element your using. In everything that you write, try to be as descriptive as you can possibly can.

4. Keep it concise.

This is especially true if you are writing for the web. Most people hate reading articles that are more than 500 words. They always prefer short but highly informative articles so your goal is to meet these criteria. But it is not always the case. An exemption might be if you are writing about a complex web design tweaking procedure. It is understood that you might need more than 500 words to probably get your points across. But with this type of article, your readers are understood to be web developers otherwise none developers will find everything you wrote simply boring.

5. Write in the first person.

People usually respond more favorably to web development articles that seem to be speaking directly to them. To achieve this effect, you should maintain a first person voice or perspective in your writing so it can be as intimate and as personal as you can make it between you and your readers. So use the words ‘I’ and ‘you’ more often and construct your sentences as if you are just having a normal conversation with the readers.

How to Write a Really Bad Web Development Proposal

August 17th, 2018

Many people tend to make some very simple mistakes when putting down a proposal to do web design for a business. They tend to just assume that the important parts of a Web Development Proposal have been covered, and they do not bother to find out more on how a good proposal should look like. It should be understood from the beginning that a business depends on its well written proposal to attract contracts. It will help get people to offer you the business you need. A badly written proposal will make you lose business.

There is always a clear difference between a poorly written Web Development Proposal and the one that has obviously been done by a professional. A poorly written proposal would look shoddy and cluttered with irrelevant things. There would be a clear sign that the writer had not given it a lot of time and thought. It will overlook the good important points that should go into writing a perfect proposal. You can easily pick out the following parts of a poorly done proposal:

Some people fail to include simple things; for example, If you give no background information about yourself and the business. This kind of proposal does not have any background of the business you carry out, so it will fail to let the customer know more about you and your business. It fails to show the client how you do your business and even how far your organization has come. Failure to mention how long you have been in this kind of business and if you had been making any good progress can cost you the contract. Some people give very scanty information about their background. If the information you have included about yourself is barely sufficient, the person cannot make up his mind whether to give you the business or not.

A shoddily done proposal fails to show clear points about your qualifications, your technical skills and how you have been working. In other words, it will not convince anybody about your portfolio for them to know whether you can handle the job or not.

ยท Some web writers fail to find out any background information of the company they are issuing the proposal to. Therefore, they remain in the dark about what the company does, what they are involved in, what their customer base and needs are like, and so forth. If you fail to know the goals and aspirations of the company you want to deal with, there is no way you can do a good and successful web development proposal for them to sell their products and services.

The web designer might fail to put some special factors into consideration when they do the proposal, like any salient areas about the company, their business, products, and preferences. It fails to check what language would be suitable, any security considerations and any other important things that are only unique to that particular company and their business.

More often than not, the failure is in the flowchart of the business, when it is confused and the chart does not flow well and clearly for people to understand how to navigate through it.

A project costing that is poorly done, wrongly calculated and laid down is another point that makes for a badly written web development proposal.

How to Find Best Web Development Company

August 16th, 2018

If you are planning to set up an online business to sell your products or services, it is necessary that you have your own website. To get the website designed, it is better to go for a professional guidance and opt for a web developmental company that can do this job for you. Web development does not require much attention and care when it is your personal website. However, when you are thinking of a business, you need to make sure that your website has all the basic amenities in it to succeed in the internet world.

In order to look out for the right company that can cater to your needs, you need to consult people who already own a business website. You can also learn about how much it costs and what are all the issues that you have to address before setting up a business website. In addition, you can take some important guidelines on what is what and how to get the best out of the company that you choose.

If this is something that is not possible for you since none of the person you know owns a website, then you can rely on the Internet to carry out your research. Remember, nothing could help you like the internet especially when you want to learn about anything new these days. You may also know some good web developers in your own locality. You can just ask them to show the websites that they have already designed and thus learn about what they are capable of doing.

Another thing that you should confirm about the web development company is their uniqueness of work or variety. It should not turn out to be that they keep designing the same website layouts over and over again with mixture of colours and different set of logos. The next thing you should do once you are satisfied with their website designs is to call them up personally and let them know about all your requirements and make sure you stress on the search engine optimized website. It is necessary that your website is search engine optimized right from the beginning or the initial design phase.

It is always advisable to find a company that has several web developers who can help you out on your task of setting up a website. Web development is not an easy task as it may sound so better find a team than an individual that can manage your needs. If people work in groups on it, the output will definitely be a better one.