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Web Development – Reducing Software Costs

High Costs of Web Development

Web development start up firms are typically plagued by a number of expenses thereby increasing their chances of failure or necessitating a more prolonged time frame for funding. Contrary to expectations, even though no physical product is being manufactured, there are several expensive components involved.

Salaries for development staff for example are rising all the time with the shortage of skilled manpower. Entrepreneurs will find that the high costs of development hardware as well as the prohibitively large layout for software licenses force them to hire at lower wages thereby reducing software quality.

The typical solution therefore is for budding entrepreneurs to decide to use free and open source software for their needs in an attempt to reduce the burden. However, by taking this route, they deny themselves valuable tools to increase productivity as well as the opportunity to compete with large firms whose investments in those same tools allow them to handle larger and more lucrative projects.

Microsoft’s WebsiteSpark to the rescue

Microsoft recognizes this barrier which small businesses face and has introduced a program that puts them on an equal footing with the largest development firms. It’s called the WebsiteSpark program.

In this program, Microsoft allows businesses with ten or fewer employees to obtain licenses of the most important development software absolutely free for a period of three years. A modest one time fee of $100 is levied at the end of three years, or whenever the program terminates.

Here is the software that web development firms can avail of:

1. 4 processor licenses of Windows Web Server 2008 R2
2. SQL Web Server – 4 processor licenses
3. Three licenses of Visual Studio
4. Two licenses of Microsoft Web Expression
5. One license of Expression Web Studio

With software such as the above at their disposal, even the smallest web development firms can compete with any large corporation. The immense cost savings from not having to purchase this software can be funneled into better manpower, or used to meet other expenses.

This program is especially beneficial to PHP developers who till now have been using less professional open source software. With tools such as Expression Web, they will now have full access to professional PHP development such as drag and drop, OOP programming, as well as a virtual web server to test their programs (as opposed to having to install a real one on their machines.)

To avail of WebsiteSpark, you need to partner with a network partner who will verify your business and provide you with the information you need to get started.

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